Why Leva
Asset Manager
  • New Revenue Streams

    Charge management fees on co-invested capital as compensation for sourcing lucrative investment opportunities and conducting due diligence.

  • Efficient and Automated Fundraising

    Raise funds in little to no time, instantly reaching thousands of individuals and focus the valuable resources on value creation.

  • Bigger Deals

    Increase the firepower on a deal-by-deal basis and write larger ticket sizes to participate in bigger transactions.

  • Lower Costs

    The platform allows for the efficient set-up of a compliant investment syndicate in just a few minutes at a fraction of regular cost.

  • Real-time Transaction Settlements

    Through smart contracts and legally recognized digital signatures, Leva executes financial transactions instantly.

  • Access to Private Markets

    By tokenizing private assets as well as fund structures, fractional ownership eliminates minimum capital requirements.

  • Unique Investor-led Approach

    Invest alongside top-tier asset managers with years of experience and strong past performance.

  • Invest Globally

    Leva aims to be the prime, global private asset marketplace covering venture capital and private equity.

  • Fees Reduced by Up to 90%

    By directly connecting Investors and Asset managers, Leva reduces fees by up to 90%.

  • Low Third-Party Risks

    In the case that Leva or an asset manager ceases to exist, all digitized assets remain as legally binding equity tokens.

  • Trustworthy and Transparent

    There is no need to trust anyone, as agreements are codified and executed in a shared, immutable environment.

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