Your Chance to Invest in Private Equity

Leva is a decentralized investment platform secured by blockchain technology. Together with us, private equity is no longer exclusive to the richest 0.1%


99.9% of Us Can Not Invest in Private Equity

Have you ever dreamed of owning a share of Facebook, Airbnb or Spotify before they went public? Unfortunately, these promising investments remain inaccessible to most of us.

  •     Private equity is inaccessible
  •     Private equity is expensive
  •     Private equity is illiquid
Private equity is an exceptionally good investment


The First Private Equity Marketplace Secured by the Blockchain

Leva reinvents private equity investments. By tokenizing assets, we eliminate high capital requirements. This allows more people to invest directly in the most lucrative market without costly middlemen involved.

  •     Invest alongside professional asset managers
  •     Significantly reduced fees
  •     Transactions are settled instantly
Private equity is hard to access Private equity is hard to access

Through Leva, You Can Invest Hassle-Free in Private Equity

Access Private Markets

Access to Private Equity

Radically Reduced Fees

Fees Reduced by 90%

Increased Liquidity

Unique Investor-Led Approach

Why Invest in Leva

Argument I

Over $1,500bn Private Equity Assets Will Be Digitized by 2025

The future of private equity is blockchain-based. Blockchain emerged as a revolution with an unfolding potential. This technology reshapes the way you invest in private equity. You can buy and sell digitized assets with the click of a button.

Over $1’500B private equity assets will be digitized by 2025

Argument II

Private Companies Create Superior Returns

Returns of private equity are consistently higher than the ones of public equity. Without access, you are excluded from the exciting part of the story.

High growth companies create tremendous value while private
Business Model
Investors & Asset Managers Onboarding
Upon registering in Leva, you go through an elaborate onboarding process. This includes KYC and AML provisions.
Blockchain-Based Fundraising
Through digitized fundraising, asset managers can raise funds in little to no time, instantly reaching thousands of investors like you.
Due Diligence
Asset Managers have proven skills to select promising high-quality assets. Leva confirms their track record and validates legal setup.
Blockchain-Based Asset Tokenization
Tokenizing assets enable to fractionalize high-value assets into small parts and makes them more accessible. Asset allocation becomes more affordable and efficient.
Leva Business Model
Cosimo Donati


Private Equity & Entrepreneurship
Simon Janin


Blockchain Architecture & Computer Security
Alexander Di Chiara

Head of Product

Ex-Googler & Full-stack Developer
Janette Koller


Product Management, Branding & Marketing
Jean-Jacques Frej


Corporate Finance & Controlling
Gabriel Wildberger


Law, Private Equity & Entrepreneurship
Adrian Kronauer

Business Development

Private Equity & Consulting
Adrian Beyeler


Public Affairs & Publishing
Sabir Akhadov


Computer Science & Databases
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ETH Zürich
Universität St.Gallen
Harvard University
The London School Of Economics and Political Science
National University of Singapore
Credit Suisse
Partners Group
Procter and Gamble
Advisory Board
Giovanni Flury
Giovanni Flury
Former CEO Julius Bär Switzerland
Hans Ulrich Müller
Hans Ulrich Müller
Former COO Credit Suisse Switzerland
Development of concept
Conducted interviews with asset managers to understand needs and pain points
Analysis of the business model
Core team formation
Drafted business plan
Established first key partnerships
Closing of seed round
Initiated design of smart contract
Team grew to 7 FTEs
Finalize smart contracts
Start development of decentralized syndicates and funds
Start private sale
Beta ready
Onboarded first asset managers
Go-live of fully functional primary market platform
Execute first transaction
Initiate scaling of platform
Analysis of secondary market
Start development of decentralized secondary market
Finish development of decentralized secondary market
Towards 2020
Geographic expansion beyond Europe
Go-live decentralized secondary market

We Are Developing the Beta

Join our community of like-minded investors and become a part of Leva.

Who is behind Leva?
Here at Leva, we are disappointed on how difficult it is for certain investors to access private equity investments. We envision a world were exclusive investments that require very high capital commitments (250k+) over a long period (12+ years) are a thing of the past. The driving force behind Leva is entrepreneurial minded industry experts who graduated from some of the world’s highest-ranking universities. In the past, our team has successfully founded companies and gained working experience in leading companies in the private equity, asset management, consulting, and technology sectors. Supported and advised by financial executives and experts in distributed ledger systems, Leva has access to valuable resources to build a successful company. In Spring 2018, Leva raised first funds from renowned investors. Our investors are experienced entrepreneurs and former executives from the financial industry.
We are digitizing inaccessible and illiquid assets and provide the means to buy and sell (fractional) token ownership of these assets. Investors will receive tokens in exchange for their investment into specific assets. Through tokenization, we are effectively granting unprecedented access to formerly exclusive, inaccessible and illiquid assets. Leva eliminates barriers and builds an ecosystem enabling everybody to invest in private markets alongside the most successful and experienced asset managers. In short, Leva generates liquidity in private markets, allowing private assets to be exchanged freely and at marginal costs.
Yes, every investor who has successfully completed the onboarding process can invest through the platform.
We are unique in the sense that our business model is built upon an 'investor-led approach'. That means individual investors invest alongside with professional asset managers and can thus gain unprecedented access to private equity investments.
Please refer to the 'Contact' page or better yet, follow us on Telegram - - and ask us your questions.
The blockchain technology allows us to securely and efficiently guarantee the transfer of specific ownership and complementary rights that come with regular share ownership. Tying these rights efficiently to specific tokens is vital to ensure investor protection. At the same time, the blockchain is enabling us to establish trust with all our stakeholders. In short, distributed ledger technologies have the potential to disrupt private markets and make private equity accessible to everybody, while reducing transaction costs, providing liquidity and improving efficiencies.
Private equity firms tend to acquire more mature companies, which are at a later stage in their lifecycle. These companies are being sold as they need capital to grow, are underperforming and therefore undervalued or are family owned firms without succession opportunities. The private equity firms typically acquire a controlling equity stake and pro-actively manage the investment over five years. During ownership, the private equity firm creates significant value by growing revenue and by improving profitability.
Yes, every token is 1:1 backed with a particular underlying asset. All financial interactions between participants of the Leva network go through the Escrow Smart Contract and stay within the ecosystem. The Escrow Smart Contract serves as a trusted middlemen between all participants, Leva included. Consequently, users do not need to trust Leva with their funds. Once a project has been successfully funded, its asset manager can create a token representing the underlying asset, thereby making is readily tradable and liquid.