How Leva Works
Asset Manager
  • 1. Submit Informations

    Creating an investment opportunity corresponds to creating the syndicate contract. Asset managers can create a syndicate by filling a form on the Leva platform. The form contains information such as purpose, strategy or track record. 

  • 2. Create a Syndicate

    Here the overarching rules that apply for investors participating in this investment opportunity are defined. There are a number of parameters governed by the syndicate smart contract that can be customized like management fees for example.

  • 3. Define the Structure

    Announce if the capital is intended to be invested in a single deal or in a fund-like structure. If in the latter case the commitment promise is fully binding. This requires a collective investment scheme license which is verified by Leva.

  • 4. Set the Privacy

    Decide whether the syndicate is public or private. Public syndicates are open to investors registered in the ecosystem whitelist. Private syndicates are reserved for investors invited by the asset manager.

  • 5. Connect with Investors

    After the successful submission, invite syndicate members and raise funds. Only investors who are registered in the ecosystem whitelist can be added.

  • 1. Register for Free

    Upon registering in Leva, you go through the onboarding process. This includes KYC and AML provisions. The Leva ecosystem whitelist serves as a registry to control access to the platform.

  • 2. Browse Assets

    All investment opportunities are selected by top-tier asset managers. With years of experience and strong past performance, these asset managers have the skills to undertake careful due diligence and to select a promising high-quality asset.

  • 3. Select Investment

    Select your investment and commit the amount you would like to invest. An investment can require fully binding or partially-binding commitments. In a partially-binding case, the asset manager can specify how strong a commitment promise needs to be.

  • 4. Investment Is Funded

    Once the funding goal is reached, the capital is transferred to the asset manager who deploys the money and you receive the share of the syndicate token.

  • 5. Performance Tracking

    Monitor your investments using the dashboard. Track performance of your assets as well as your entire investment portfolio.

  • 6. Receiving Payouts

    Investment opportunities might generate an ongoing return in the form of dividends and should generate a single return upon the sale of the investment. All these returns are directly paid out to the token holders.

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