99.9% of Us Can Not Invest in Private Equity

Have you ever dreamed of owning a share of Facebook, Airbnb or Spotify before they went public? Unfortunately, these promising investments remain inaccessible to most of us.

  •     Private equity is inaccessible
  •     Private equity is expensive
  •     Private equity is illiquid
Private equity is an exceptionally good investment


The First Private Equity Marketplace Secured by the Blockchain

Leva reinvents private equity investments. By tokenizing assets, we eliminate high capital requirements. This allows more people to invest directly in the most lucrative market without costly middlemen involved.

  •     Invest alongside professional asset managers
  •     Significantly reduced fees
  •     Transactions are settled instantly
Private equity is hard to access Private equity is hard to access
Leva Global Impact

Argument I

Over $1,500bn Private Equity Assets Will Be Digitized by 2025

The future of private equity is blockchain-based. Blockchain emerged as a revolution with an unfolding potential. This technology reshapes the way you invest in private equity. You can buy and sell digitized assets with the click of a button.

Over $1’500B private equity assets will be digitized by 2025

Argument II

Private Companies Create Superior Returns

Returns of private equity are consistently higher than the ones of public equity. Without access, you are excluded from the exciting part of the story.

High growth companies create tremendous value while private

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